White-collar body sculpting

White-collar body sculpting

Yoga is the favorite fitness and self-cultivation method for white-collar women. If you haven’t studied yoga yet, we hope you will try to find out if it suits you.

We recommend a few basic yoga exercises for body shaping and bodybuilding. These yoga exercises can help you soothe tension muscles and emotions.

  At the beginning of these exercises, the muscles will be sore, especially those parts that are rarely exercised are more obvious, but after a while, the body feels comfortable after the hot water bath.

Sitting in the office and working every day, you must feel sore shoulders and waists like most office workers, so taking the time to practice these yoga moves can avoid muscle strain.

You can lose weight and slim yourself!

Sitting sideways (stretching the side waist) 1.
Cross-legged, hands on the body a pair.

Note that the back end is upright.

  2.Inhale, lift your arms upwards, exhale, bend sideways, and maintain 3-5 breaths.

Note that the ischium does not leave the ground, relax your shoulders, and unfold your upper body.

  3.Inhale is restored and the exhaling arm is opened.

Cat style (exercise lower hips) 4.Original movements: Open your legs and be as wide as your waist joint, spread your hands and five fingers, and support them on the ground in front of you. Your arms should be as wide as your shoulders.

Pay attention to the shoulders to support the upper body to reduce the pressure on the shoulders.

  5.Inhale, lift your head and lower your waist, and maintain 3-5 breaths.

  6.Exhale, bow your head, and hold 3-5 breaths.

  7.Restore and maintain natural breathing.

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