[Can I eat salt without iodine?

]Can you eat it?

[Can I eat salt without iodine?
]Can you eat it?

When you go to the supermarket to buy edible salt, you will see that iodized salt is being sold. Instead, iodine is an essential element of the human body. If the human body is severely deficient in iodine, thyroid disease will also occur.People often say that the big neck disease, so people with iodine deficiency in their bodies are better off eating iodized salt, but most people do n’t have iodine deficiency, so there is no need to supplement iodine with salt.

Can I eat salt without iodine?
Eating normal salt without iodine can cause iodine deficiency in the body and cause thyroid disease. It is recommended that you avoid taking it. Non-iodized salt is currently marketed as iodized salt.Designed.

This situation is not to say that it is totally impossible.

Guidance: It is best to eat iodized salt, which can supplement the iodine needed in the body.

Otherwise there may be goiter.

If you do n’t eat iodized salt, you can eat more kelp seafood. Normal people do not need to take iodine.

Long-term use of iodized salt in normal people may increase the burden on the body and cause thyroid disease.

Guidance: Therefore, for people with normal thyroid, there is no need to eat iodized salt.

And the country does not recommend long-term use of iodized salt.

Just choose as you want.

More iodine is not better than less, even more and less is not good.

For example, long-term excessive iodine may cause thyroid cancer.

Guidance: If it is not an iodine-deficient area, and you have no iodine deficiency, you can use salt without iodine, and it is recommended that you do not add iodized salt without iodine deficiency.

The salt already contains a certain amount of iodine.

Iodized salt was issued in the country to prevent iodine-deficiency goiter.

However, the water quality in some parts of the country itself is too high in iodine content. People in these areas do not need to consume iodized salt to reach normal iodine intake.

So now the country has officially released iodized salt!

Normal people can eat salt without iodine, and iodine disappears when exposed to heat, so don’t worry, as long as it is not industrial salt, you can safely eat it.

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