Your back tends to your illness!

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Your “back” tends to your “illness”!

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The holographic microcosm of the whole body with the spine as the center, the body’s internal organs are close to find the corresponding corresponding areas, such as the upper lung corresponding to the lung and heart, the lower back corresponds to the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, waist corresponding to the kidney, bladder, large intestineAnd the small intestine.

Whether the front is healthy or not directly reflects whether the organs are working properly.

It can be seen that the above is a healthy barometer, which is a protective barrier on the human body. Whether it is a child in the growth stage, a young man with a strong throughput, or an old man who cares for the age, pay attention to the head, correctMaintaining the body is like injecting vitality and vitality into health.

How important it is to raise the idiom “Tiger’s Back Bear”, many people will have a burly, strong figure in their minds.

However, due to the increase in age, it is gradually accumulated in the back of the tiger, which leads to meridian complexation, which is not necessarily healthy.

As the saying goes, “back to thin one inch, life is ten years long”, it is difficult to buy old and thin, it is obvious that the maintenance of the back.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the middle of the back is the Du Meridian, and the Governor is full of yang.

Both sides of the back are the parts of the foot and the bladder. The bladder has the most yang, and the kidney is in the surface, the kidney is the main water, so the bladder is metabolized by the whole body.

The bladder is also in close contact with other sputum and close, such as lung sputum, phlegm, palpitations, sputum, liver sputum, biliary spleen, spleen, stomach cramps, triple eschar, large intestine fistula, small intestine fistula, bladder spasmThey are all in the bladder, distributed in the Du Meridian.

The so-called “鑵? is the point of transfer and infusion, which plays an important role in the maintenance and treatment of organs.

The human body’s blood and blood go to the bladder, the bladder is the body’s largest dehumidification and detoxification pathway, then the back is the big hub of the whole body’s blood and blood operation.

Look at the back of the diagnosis of large vertebrae, pigmentation – long-term strain of the shoulder and neck, easy to cause periarthritis of the shoulder, shoulder and neck meridians, blood supply to the brain is insufficient, easy to dizziness headache, palpitation and chest tightness.

Long pox: – internal accumulation of stool, slow metabolism of toxins, constipation, bloating, bowel.

Lung area.

Large pores, pigmentation: – weakened lung function, easy to cause nasopharyngeal problems, rhinitis, pharyngitis, waiting for treatment, dry itching, easy to get angry, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Heart area.

Large pores, pigmentation, long acne: – heart fire, have a heart, light sleep more dreams, heart palpitations, palpitation, cold hands and feet.

Liver area.

Obvious reasons: — liver fire, depression or temper, yellow face, mouth bitter, dry red eyes, weak detoxification, easy to trigger splendid liver, liver, gallstones, ribs, flank, backShen, easy lobular hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast, cold hands and feet.

Spleen area.

It is easier to judge the diagnosis when pushing the bladder, and it has swelling and swelling: – dark complexion, wrinkles, bad appetite, stomach fire or stomach cold, bad breath, stomach bloating, stomach snoring, muscle relaxation, easy bruising,Irregular menstruation.

Kidney area.

Blackening, pigmentation, kidney deficiency, deep waist: – lack of kidney, easy to hair loss, memory loss, low sleep quality, repeated nocturia, easy to be scared, dark circles, obvious bags under the eyes, tinnitus, easy edema, fear of paralysis,Hands and feet ice, endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, gynecological diseases, disharmony between husband and wife, sexual indifference, infertility, back pain, poor circulation of lower limbs.


Bagua acupoints prominent, blue, black, long pox: – endocrine disorders, palace cold, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, red and white, endometritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological lower limb circulation is not good.
How to raise your back?

The front end of the meridian is unblocked, and all diseases are gone!

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the front end to become a healthy one. Massage the open back oil is a kind of massage method, which is a kind of spiritual enjoyment.

Active essential oil with unique open back technique, open the back massage, can promote blood circulation, relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, firm skin and improve sleep!

It is especially suitable for sub-healthy people such as shoulder and neck stiffness, back pain, and insomnia.

Scraping and cupping scraping, cupping on the top has smooth meridians, detoxification, increase the circulation of blood circulation, reduce the insertion of clogging, can treat sub-health diseases.

(The fire can is better than the gas canister and requires professional operation.) Some beauty salons use the friction brush, and the effect is very good.

Back, back, back and back: The back is divided into self-beating and others.

This method can stimulate the blood circulation, invigorate the yang, strengthen the heart and kidney, and enhance the vitality of the human body.

Back: The back is also divided into self-satisfaction and others.

Self-tanning can be done while bathing.Put a wet towel on the back, and use your hands to tighten the towel and rub it back until it is hot.

Pay attention to the force should not be too strong, so as not to scratch the skin.

The back of the law has a sense of discomfort, back pain, chest tightness, and abdominal distension.

Hit the back: the feet are the same width as the shoulders, the back length is about 20?
40 cm, the whole body relaxes, the body leans back, uses the posture collision angle, exerts moderate force, and uses the reaction force of the impact to make the body return to the upright position. When the impact is forward, the upper body leans forward appropriately, so that the lower hip protrudes slightly backward, and then strikes.

At the time of impact, the mind is focused on the tail, so that the concentration is concentrated on the waist, shoulders, and back, impacting about 100 times.

It can improve yang, regulate internal organs, and make the whole body qi and blood smooth.

Sun-back warmth and shelter from the wind, can warm the back of the sun, improve health.

Sun exposure is called “day moxibustion” in Chinese medicine.

That is, God gave me moxibustion.

By sun exposure, the bladder is nourished along with the Du Meridian, so that the blood in the blood vessels, the water in the lymph, and the energy in the meridians are filled and filled in a high temperature atmosphere.

Accepting the baptism of the sun, this is the best way for nature to give us the cure.

The back of the clothes is for the five internal organs, and the back is warm, the body will be healthier.

Especially when the hot weather is sweating, if it is blown by the wind, the evil of the cold is easy to invade and cause disease.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the addition and subtraction of clothing at any time throughout the year to protect its back.

The moxibustion moxibustion on the front end is the warmth stimulation of the human body by the pure heat and power of Aihuo. It can adjust the balance of yin and yang of the viscera through the replacement of meridians and acupoints. It can strengthen the body, cultivate yang, regulate the viscera and blood., soothe the mind, pass through the active.

People with thick flesh and hard hair in front have basically some problems with their bodies. It is very important to do the massage and moxibustion in the back.

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