Experts remind that summer skin is bare and it is easier to heatstroke


Experts remind that summer skin is bare and it is easier to heatstroke

The sultry three days overlap every day, the community is everywhere with visible light, and the child wearing only a dudou is shaking.

Too many parents, the old man thinks that the baby’s “cool” dress that exposes the calf’s calf can help the heat and cover the key parts such as the chest and abdomen, so that the child will not catch the cold, but it may not be.

Experts pointed out: If the temperature exceeds 35 掳 C, the skin is exposed outside is not cool, but it will absorb heat, which may lead to heat stroke in children. Summer children have become a common phenomenon in pediatrics because of their clothes being too thin and cold.

銆€銆€In addition, the summer vacation is approaching, because the children’s clothing “cool” is more likely to burn burns, run and fall.

Experts give parents a vaccination in advance: young children are “small and expensive”, and they are also looking for careful care. In case of accidents, they should also be calmly treated, and they should not use the “earth of the earth”.

銆€銆€1 summer anti-heatstroke indoor building temperature difference big cold incidence rate steep increase Sun Yat-sen University Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital Pediatrics Dr. Li Dongfang introduced, the summer is mostly because the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, the child sweating from the outside into the air-conditioned room, blowingCapillaries experience “two days of ice and fire” and easily catch a cold.

銆€銆€鈥淎fter the improvement of living standards, the indoor environment such as supermarkets, subways, buses and children’s suites are almost all air-conditioned. Children wear too little, and they like to smash inside the room. Once they enter the air-conditioning environment from high temperature, the temperature drops drastically.After that, the pores suddenly contracted but it is still difficult to adapt to sudden heat and rapid cooling. If the clothes are not added in time, the children with low immunity may not be able to adapt to the rapid temperature change, and may catch a cold in three to five minutes, causing sore throat, coughing, runny nose.And symptoms such as fever.

Li Dongfang said.

銆€銆€In fact, the summer cold has recently emerged.

Due to the recent increase in temperature in Guangzhou, a large number of households have begun to use air conditioning day and night, which is followed by a significant increase in fever in hospital pediatric outpatient clinics, and the main cause of fever is viral infection.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that when parents choose clothes for their children in the summer, it is best to choose cotton trousers with better heat absorption and sweat absorption, and the length should be moderate. It should be able to cover some of the limbs, and do not blindly pursue the shortest minimum.

銆€銆€鈥淎t the same time, the temperature of indoor air conditioning should not be too low, preferably controlled at 26 掳 C?
28 掳 C.

Eat, sleep, the wind can not be toward the child.

Into an air-conditioned place, you can add a little longer and thicker clothes to your child, especially when you find that your child’s hands and feet are cold.

In the air-conditioned room, the child should be supervised to replenish water in time, and the child has a longer continuous air-conditioning in the home. The air conditioner should be turned off from time to time to open the window and breathe.

“Dr. Li Dongfang said.

銆€銆€Summer skin is bare and easy to heat stroke. In summer, parents like to dress their children very cool. In fact, it is easy to catch a cold.

鈥淪ummer to wear too little for children, leading to cold, heat stroke, this is a common phenomenon in the pediatric clinic every summer.
鈥?Professor Li Li, a professor of pediatrics at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, said.

銆€銆€The normal body temperature of a person is 36 掳 C?
At 37 掳 C, when the ambient temperature is lower than the skin temperature, it can be radiated by radiation, incident, convection and insignificant evaporation; when the ambient temperature is higher than the skin temperature, the skin suffers from sputum.heat.

銆€銆€Experts further explain that the temperature is 18?
In the environment of 28 掳C, 70% of human body temperature relies on skin radiation, convection and heat transfer; when the temperature reaches 35 掳C, it mainly relies on skin evaporation and heat dissipation; when the high temperature continues to rise, the skin can not only radiate heat through radiation, but also from the outside world.Radiation is absorbed in the environment.

In the heat of Guangzhou, the temperature in the suburbs is easily over 35 掳C.

銆€銆€鈥淕uangzhou has entered the hot season. If the outdoor is just at noon or two or three in the afternoon, at this time, the children will wear too little, and the child’s skin will easily absorb the penetration from the outside, not only will it feel cool, but the body surface temperature will rise.On the contrary, it will cause them to feel hotter, and continuous high temperature environment will easily lead to a lot of sweating and heat stroke.

“The experts say so.

銆€銆€2 summer anti-traumatic wear less and up and down babies scald incidents more, in summer, children wear cool, less clothing protection, but also prone to trauma.

銆€銆€”After the summer, the pediatrics, the burn department will burst out.

It’s not that the thermos is blasted or overturned. It’s accidentally hitting the water when it’s washed, or it’s being burned in boiling water in the kitchen, or being mistaken for a hot water pot that has not been poured into the cold water during bathing.Burned rice porridge or mung bean porridge steamed and burned .” Experts said that the accidental factors of scald in children are diverse, and this is inseparable from the summer children wearing less, the scope of activities is large, parents are neglected to care and other “inevitable reasons”.

銆€銆€According to Dr. Li Dongfang, clinical observations found that the most vulnerable part of the summer is the knee joint with alternating activities, and because of the nature of play, it is difficult for children to completely 鈥渂rake鈥?after injury, often making the rehabilitation line continue to be stretched.;; summer summer shorts shorts skin is not covered, so the degree of burns and burns of children is often more serious.

銆€銆€According to experts, the summer vacation is coming, and children must not be locked in their homes. They should be sent to a temporary custody center or guaranteed to have elders.

銆€銆€In the unlikely event that a child has a burn, do not panic, and do not rush to help the child take off his thin clothing such as sweatshirts, stockings, etc., otherwise it is easy to tear off the skin together, you should choose to rinse immediately with cold water.

After cooling, you can carefully remove the close-fitting clothes to avoid tearing the blisters formed after the burn.

The cold water rinse should be taken for half an hour to avoid the pain when stopping the rinse.

Rinse with tap water, avoid using ice water to avoid frostbite.

銆€銆€Many parents like to apply purple syrup or red mercury after a child’s burns. In fact, the effect is not serious, but it will affect the change of the wound after the injury.

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