[Do you put soy sauce in tomato scrambled eggs]_ making method _ Daquan

[Do you put soy sauce in tomato scrambled eggs]_ making method _ Daquan

Although this dish of tomato scrambled eggs is a very common dish on the table, many people can’t master its methods and skills when scrambled tomatoes and eggs, which makes the scrambled tomatoes and eggs very unpalatable.

Because the simpler the dish is, the more it can reflect one’s skill or level, and there are certain methods in the process of scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

So do you put soy sauce when making scrambled eggs with tomatoes?

Many friends are worried about not making the scrambled eggs with tomatoes. If it ‘s not thin, if it ‘s dry, if it ‘s pasty, or if the taste is too sour, in short, it ‘s not authentic enough, and I always feel something.Some housewives conclude that they are not putting the seasoning properly, while others blame themselves for not having mastered the heat. Then, what are the reasons? Let ‘s take a look at the five main points of making scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

1. Tomatoes must be thoroughly cooked. The red, round and juicy ones are delicious, and the tomatoes must be peeled. Otherwise, the separation between the skin and the flesh after cooking is not good or delicious; 2.Cut into small cubes so that the juice in the tomatoes can be easily fried, and the fried tomatoes are sauce-like and have a strong taste, and the bibimbap is super delicious; 3, the color of the soy sauce in the egg sauce looks goodThe taste is also more delicious, and put some fried eggs in water to make it softer; 4. Adding tomato sauce will make the tomato in this dish have a richer flavor and more beautiful color. I use tomato sauce, if you like sweet, you can put itTomato sauce; 5, put some soy sauce when cooking tomatoes, the color is not only beautiful, but the taste is more delicious, but do not use soy sauce and other heavy soy sauce, be sure to use a light color.

Tips: I have introduced in detail the five points about making scrambled eggs with tomatoes. These five points are not too much, not too much, but it is definitely not a big deal to master.The housewives are willing to learn and have patience. I believe they can make this dish of tomato scrambled eggs, and the taste will not be worse than others.

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